1. Start by playing with open cards so everyone can see them. If you think that you can't go, ask the others for assistance.
  2. If someone puts down a formula whereby the answer can be divided by 5, the others have to take a card from the pile. You can be creative with this rule as well and come up with your own alternative, e.g. if the answer can be divided by 8, the next person's turn is skipped etc.
  3. Agree with each other to use at least 1 card that is already on the table when making your formulas. This will undoubtedly lead to a longer game as a card will need to be taken from the stock pile more often.
  4. The winner of the game starts with an extra card in the next round.
  5. You continue until everybody has played all their cards.
  6. The winner is not the one who finishes first, but the one that has collected the most points. You collect points with every formula you finish. The outcome of the formula is the amount of points you receive. You keep track of your own points. When somebody has played all their cards that round ends. Any card that a player still has in his hands is deducted from the score, for example, a player has made the following formulas 8 x 8 = 64 and 1 + 2 = 3 and still has a 7 and a 9 in his hands, then this player has 64 + 3 - 7 - 9 = 51 points. The person who finishes first gets a bonus of 10 points. If you still have a joker at the end this leads to a deduction of 25 points. The outcome of each round is added up and the first person to reach 250 points wins the game.

    A variation on the above is that a minus-formula receives 5 extra bonuspoints and a division-formula, 10 extra bonuspoints.


Tips for in school:

  1. Take away the - and + cards. This way more difficult formulas have to be made. On your turn you can play 4 cards instead of 3 now.
  2. You can agree on any rule that you want. If you have found a cool rule, please share it on our site under reviews.