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Including shipping in the Netherlands!


Including shipping in the Netherlands!



Be the first to get rid of your cards by making a formula and giving the answer to the formula.

Fun, educational and challenging!

Family game for all ages and perfect to play on holiday.


Age: 6+

2-5 persons

Game duration: 10-15 minutes


This box has the expansion set (Genius Edition) included. The genius edition adds negative numbers, fractions, square and square root to the base game. It can be made as challenging or as simple as you want. 

10+ years

2-4 players

Game duration: 10-20 minutes


Recommended by teachers and the Netherlands Mathematical Institute


In school

Formula offers many possibilities for in the class room.

In first grade, the kids will mainly make formula's using additions and subtractions.

As of third grade, you can take away the plus and minus symbols and have the children only make formulas by multiplication and divisions. Change the rules a bit so they can play 4 cards instead of only 3 when it is their turn.

In 5th grade, the fractions can be added. 

There are many other variations possible. Please share your creative ideas in the review section of our website.

The children also learn a lot from each other's formula's. The social aspect is quite important. How does a child react when someone makes a mistake? From our tests in the class rooms it was inspiring to see how the children were helping each other.

Foto leerling in de klas



Kevin (Teacher 3rd grade and leader of the math-group in charge of putting the math-curriculum together at the primary school "OBS Het Volle Leven" in the Hague):

"Formula is a great addition to our curriculum. The game fits in perfectly with our teaching methods"

Aydin (Director and teacher Netherlands Mathematical Institute - Foutloos Rekenen):    

“You learn mathematics at school or at a Foutloos Rekenen course. In addition to school or the course, Formula really offers something special. It keeps knowledge active, increases insight in and stimulates creativity with numbers, all in a playful manner. We recommend it to all our students.”                      

Foto Leerkracht Annelies

Annelies (teacher 5th grade):

“I definitely want to have it for in my class room. I can use it as an extra,

something in between the lessons or when the kids are finished early with

their work.

Foto leerkracht Linde

Linde (teacher 3rd grade):

All children, the ones that are really good in maths and the ones that need extra attention, participated actively, helped and learned from each other. The child who is actually the worst in maths had won twice. I will not be able to get that smile off her face for a week!"

Dieuwke (teacher 1st grade):

"What a great game! Not just for in the class room, but even better if parents play this at home or on holiday with their kids!"