foto van Alon Nir de bedenker van Formula

Our Story

Alon Nir is the founder and owner of Formula Games.

In 2019 he created the game Formula. His father has developed several games. During the sabbatical of Alon, father and son sat together to bring one of dad's games to the next level. The creativity and adrenaline kept Alon awake that night. Somewhere in the middle of the night, Alon came up with Formula. The next day he began to cut and paste to create his first proto-type, just like his dad used to do.


Since then, Formula has won prizes and has been sold in many countries ranging from the USA (where it is called Go Figure!), all throughout Europe to South Korea.


After the success of Formula, more games found their way to market. In 2022, All Stars Playlist was published and at the end of 2023, Robo Factory and BLOCKY saw the light.