It is well known that children can have a real dip after the summer holidays. Not only in math, but also in reading and spelling. Children all of a sudden have forgotten the multiplication tables. 

American research (Cooper 1996) concludes that students on average lose 2.6 months of their math skills during the summer holidays. 

“We are convinced that playing Formula on a regular basis during the vacation period will increase the math skills of the kids and will prevent the summer dip." (Alon – creator of Formula)


Foto vakantie op strand
foto vakantie met busje

Of course there are plenty of apps to prevent a summer dip. However, parents already have to try hard enough to get their kids from behind their screens. 

Formula is a fun family game whereby the best one in math does not always win. This way it stays fun.

Bring Formula with you on vacation, play it regularly and prevent the summer dip!


Dieuwke (teacher 1st grade):

"What a great game! Not only for in the class room, but also perfect for parents to play with their kids at home or on holidays!"