Our vision: 

In school, kids learn the basis of maths. Luckily we have a lot of motivated, experienced and passionate teachers that can teach our kids a lot of what is needed to prepare them for their future.

However, parents also play an important role. Parents can often contribute to their children's development by stimulating them and to help with repetition of the curriculum, like practicing the multiplication tables.

Formula is an addition to the lessons given in school. It is an educative game that improves math skills wile having fun. In addition, the self-confidence of the children gets a boost. Players of this game will see that their creativity with numbers increases.

Playing the game regularly will prevent the loss of knowledge during holidays. Bring the game on your holiday and have fun!




foto van Alon Nir de bedenker van Formula
foto over visie


The development of Formula

Alon Nir is the creator of Formula. His father has developed several games. During the sabbatical of Alon, father and son sat together to bring one of dad's games to the next level. The creativity and adrenaline kept Alon awake that night. Somewhere in the middle of the night, Alon came up with Formula. The next day he began to cut and paste to create his first proto-type, just like his dad used to do.


After fine-tuning the game concept, different designs of the cards were made in cooperation with Studio Calico. Feedback was received from children, teachers and parents, which ultimately led to the final game.